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Insanity “Week 5” Reflections

The first week of month 2 is where the Insanity workout really kicks it up a notch……as if it wasn’t challenging enough already! The workouts have gotten 10-15 minutes longer and it feels like the intensity has increased. Shawn T’s workout really hits the quadriceps in almost all of the exercises. This is a good because my legs have always been my weakness mostly due to years of neglect. I am considered to be quite tall at 6’9″ which actually makes my legs appear even skinnier so I am really grateful that I am forced to use them throughout the Insanity program. Hopefully by the end of this program (another 3 weeks) and my legs will look like slightly muscular chicken legs instead of normal chicken legs.

ANYWAY this brings me to my point. Whenever there is a workout day with “Recovery” in the title I always cringe as I find these to involve longer periods of time when my legs are in a squat type position. This is probably why Shawn T has such large quadriceps. I really get a benefit out of these workouts but I also find that I collapse more frequently than some of the faster paced days. When this happens there is no other choice for me to get back into the workout as quickly as possible and in the words of Shawn T, “Dig deep!”


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