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Don’t fear the weights….

People frequently ask me for tips on how to lose weight to which I commonly respond by asking them if they lift weights. The typical response usually involves something along the line of, “No, I don’t want to get big and muscular. I just want to lose fat!” This always makes me chuckle to myself.  I mean come on, honestly, how many people do you know have a problem accidentally putting on too much muscle? “Bulking Up”, which is what I assume most people are referring to that make this statement requires time and dedication and even more importantly an extremely disciplined individual who can follow a strict diet plan. When it comes to the typical fitness enthusiast or casual gym goer “getting big” should not be a real concern.  “Getting big” doesn’t happen overnight it is a gradual process and easy to avoid if that is your goal.

Unwanted weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than the body uses.  The way to lose weight is simply to decrease your calorie consumption so that you are not consuming in excess to what your body burns.  Another way to lose weight is to increase the amount energy your body requires.  This can be done through exercise. The best approach to weight loss is to do a combination of both.

Most people are surprised to discover that weight training will burn more calories than aerobic exercise for an equal given period of time.  An added benefit is that increased muscle tone will raise one’s metabolic rate. This results in an increased metabolism for the entire day, even when sleeping.

Ultimately when it comes to weight loss a combination of reducing calories and training with weights will yield the best results.

So don’t be afraid of those weights!


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  redpenwhitespace1234 wrote @

Another good thing about building muscle: it’s just more satisfying in terms of physical results that you can actually see (usually pretty quickly). When people are dissatisfied with certain parts of their bodies (like their thighs, butts, or abs), cardio can help them lose weight overall but does virtually nothing to sculpt and improve shape which is what they’re really after (think about it!). Seeing a positive result that is tangible is a powerful incentive to keep people going with their weights program. You don’t have to do a lot of weight-training to see (and feel) results with your muscles. A beginner, just starting a new weights program, can usually see pleasant results in 2-4 weeks and feel the gains. Studies have also shown that lifting weights increases natural production of human growth hormone (hgh) in your body, winding back your body’s clock and making you younger. You make an excellent point that it takes a lot of effort (and time) to try to bulk up so people should have no fear. Weights are definitely your friend!

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