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Insanity “Week 5” Reflections

The first week of month 2 is where the Insanity workout really kicks it up a notch……as if it wasn’t challenging enough already! The workouts have gotten 10-15 minutes longer and it feels like the intensity has increased. Shawn T’s workout really hits the quadriceps in almost all of the exercises. This is a good because my legs have always been my weakness mostly due to years of neglect. I am considered to be quite tall at 6’9″ which actually makes my legs appear even skinnier so I am really grateful that I am forced to use them throughout the Insanity program. Hopefully by the end of this program (another 3 weeks) and my legs will look like slightly muscular chicken legs instead of normal chicken legs.

ANYWAY this brings me to my point. Read the rest of this entry »


New beginning

I have always been a fan and advocate for health and fitness. After watching the Team Beachbody commercials for years I decided to finally step up to the plate and give Insanity a try. Thanks to results I have seen I decided to become a coach and help others reach their fitness goals!

My journey began about 5 weeks ago with the Insanity workout program. Read the rest of this entry »

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